• Economic and Business missions in Africa
    In record time, we are able to dispatch a delegation in any African country, to negotiate a market or a business.
  • Representation at international fairs
    - of foreign companies in Africa;
    - of african companies everywhere in the rest of the world,
    e.g. :
    We can represent a Congolese company at the international fair of Luxembourg.
    We can represent an American, or a Belgian, or a French or a Luxembourg company at the international fair of Kinshasa.
  • Opportunities research
    We can help foreign companies to sell their products in Africa.
    We can help african companies to sell their products overseas.
  • Market research
    At your request, we can conduct market research in any country in Africa.

ABC, Africa Business Center S.A.
5, boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg
Tel.: (+352) 26 73 89 82
Fax: (+352) 26 73 89 83


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